Full Name: Nogtail


Alias: Demon Pig

Native Range:

Height: 2"0 - 5"0

Eyes: Black

Skin: Pink-White

Ministry of Magic Classification: XXX

Status: Extant

Description Edit

Nogtail Beast

A Nogtail Beast

Nogtail are demonic creatures resembling a piglet, but stunted by narrow black eyes, a thick stubby tail, and long legs. They are mainly found across rural areas in Europe, the Americas, and Russia. Nogtails sneak into pigsties and suckle on an ordinary pig, which curses the farm. The longer the Nogtail goes undetected, the longer the blight will stay on the farm and the bigger they will grow until they reach a monstrous beast.

Nogtail Corpse

An Illustration of a Nogtail Corpse

If a Nogtail is killed, then the flesh from its body will immediately burn away to reveal the ugly skeletal corpse. Nogtail Hunting is not done for food but for evading cursed farms and as recreation.

History Edit

Nogtail Hunting has been a popular sport for centuries. For example, Tiberius McLaggen took his nephew, Cormac McLaggen and colleagues Bertie Higgs and Rufus Scrimgeour hunting for Nogtails in Norfolk. Horace Slughorn owned a book on this subject, which he offered to loan to McLaggen at the start of the 1996–1997 school year.

Fast and hard to catch, the only way to make sure the Nogtail will not come back is to chase it away with a pure white dog and so, recently, the Pest Sub-Division of the Ministry of Magic's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures maintains a pack of a dozen albino bloodhounds specifically for this purpose.