Full Name: Howard Trilby-Lund
Howard Trilby-Lund

Howard Trilby-Lund

Born: 1977

Blood Status: Muggle

Hair: Dark Brown

Skin: Pale

Family:Dominic Lund

Occupation: Builder

Biography Edit

Howard Trilby-Lund (b. 1977) was a Muggle builder and student of Greencoats College.

Early Life Edit

Howard Trilby-Lund was born to Henrietta Trilby and Dominic Lund in 1977. In his youth, he attended Greencoats College, like his father and mother, from 1985 to 1995.

In 1987, he became close friends with Peter Osgoode and the two accompanied one another to the school trip to Surrey Zoo in 1991, on the day of the Boa Constrictor at the Zoo escapade. However, unlike Osgoode, Howard was not a bully to other students at Greencoats.

Later Life Edit

After graduating from Greencoats, Trilby-Lund quickly became a builder until his retirement in 2032, aged 55.

He still remained in contact with Peter until 2015, when they met up and Trilby-Lund realised Osgoode felt no remorse after the suicide of Daniel Tresham, at which point, he decided it would be best to avoid Osgoode.